Designing a website is a big task. It requires some planning to drive in more traffic, conversions, and overall ROI. Did you know that website design can actually have an impact on your overall conversion rate? This is true. How you design your website through all the elements you place on it can determine whether or not your visitors will convert into profitable sales. So which parts should you focus on to boost your overall conversion rate? This expert guide will name the top two areas that you can consider changing to really improve your overall conversions, leads, visitors, and profits.

Use Visual Cues Through Colours

The colours you use on your website can dictate whether a sale will be made or not. The only way to test this theory is by A/B testing two different versions of your website’s overall colours. When developing a colour scheme for your website you need to first understand the most popular colours that are used, and what they actually mean to your website users.

  • Yellow Youthful and optimistic. Often used to grab attention.
  • Blue Creates a trustworthy and calming effect when viewed.
  • Red – Creates a sense of urgency and increases the heart rate.
  • Green Signals wealth, money, and financial security.
  • Orange Creates most call-to-actions, buy now’s etc.
  • Pink Feminine and romantic. Mostly used to target women and younger girls.
  • Black – Sleek and powerful. Generally used to market luxury based items.
  • Purple – Soothes and calms. Purple is a popular choice for beauty and skincare products.
COLOUR Red Orange Black Royal Blue Navy Blue Teal Pink Sky Blue Rose
SHOPPER Impulse Shopper Impulse Shoppers Impulse Shoppers Budget Conscience Shoppers Budget Conscience Shoppers Traditional Buyers Traditional Buyers Traditional Buyers
VENUE Clearance SalesFast FoodOutlet Malls Clearance SalesFast FoodOutlet Malls Clearance SalesFast FoodOutlet Malls Large Department StoresBanks Large Department StoresBanks Clothing StoresWomen’s Products Clothing StoresMen’s Products Clothing StoresWomen’s Products


Call To Action

Call to action iconsChoosing the right colour comes down to what you have to offer. As you can see above you have some choices to choose from which can be A/B tested to see the difference in results achieved from the changes. It’s ideal to work on a colour scheme that feature up to 3 colours only for the most effect.

The call to action is generally the first step of pushing your visitors through the sales funnel. Your call to action needs to be distinguished from the rest of your page elements in order for your visitors to not only see it clearly, but to be enticed into clicking on it. Having the right call to action design can dramatically improve your overall conversions greatly. There are some things that you can do to make your call to action more enticing. These include:

  • Text – Create call button text which evokes action. The text should be action-oriented, striking, and engaging. Examples of engaging and boring call to actions include:
  • Engaging
    • Reserve Your Seat
    • Exclusive Access To Your Free Trial
    • Download Your Hidden Secrets Now
  • Boring
    • Submit Now
    • Sign Up Now
    • Enter Now

Creating a sense of urgency within your call to action also helps to improve conversions because customers feel they may miss out if they don’t act now. Examples of urgency driven call to actions include:

  • Get Your 50% Off Now Limited Time Only
  • Limited Offer! 80% Off On Your Next Order
  • Colours – Colours, as suggested above, play a large role in whether you see an increase in sales or not. When choosing a colour you need to analyse your market first. Are they money conscience, are they spontaneous buyers, do they need to feel connected first? Based on the table above in the previous point, you should be able to work out the best colour for your call to action based upon what your business has to offer.
  • Shape – The shape of your call to action button can also play a major role in whether you’re attempting to gain more conversions. The two most common styles include square/rectangular or circle. To really know the effects of each one it may be best to A/B test the shapes. For a more relaxed feel, however, a circle tends to be the best option while many businesses looking for that professional look the square edged version is generally preferred.
  • Above The Fold – The position of your call to action is also important. The best position to place it is generally above the fold so your visitors won’t ever miss it. If you have a long piece of content you could also place it right at the bottom, in the event that your visitors do reach the bottom of the page. The call to action should also be accompanied by the most relevant information associated with it so visitors will engage and want to click through without having to scroll down.
  • A/B Testing – A/B testing your call to action and these different changes is importantA/B testing to gauge which one offers the best conversion results. By A/B testing you will be able to see what your visitors like and don’t like.


When it comes to the design of your website, there are two key elements which should be addressed in order to really increase your conversion rate almost immediately. By taking the time to work on your website colours and your call to action you have the ability to bring in better returns than what you did before. So which colours did you choose for your website design? Have you seen major improvement in your overall conversion rate?