30 Minute Strategy Session

Why book in a strategy session?

Book in for your free 30 minute strategy session with our Founder & CEO, Tristan Gray. During the call we will cover some of the following;

  • Monthly new client acquisition goals

  • Review existing software and processes for client communication

  • Get a clearer picture of your practice numbers, i.e life time value

  • Analyse 3 of your competitors and the potential impact on your business

  • Review existing marketing assets, branding, website etc

  • Identify the top 3 marketing channels for your practice

  • Create a plan to measure ROI of your marketing channels

We really enjoy chatting with practice owners and sharing our knowledge in this space. Every day we listen too and help our clients through many aspects of growing their business and this goes well beyond the typical “marketing agency” relationship.

Please don’t think that this is going to be a sales call, the reason we offer these strategy sessions is to get to know each other better and it gives us a chance to add value to you so that even if our services are not suitable for your business, you might know someone who does need our help.

Feel free to book in a time on the calendar and if you have specific challenges you would like to discuss, please let us know and we can chat about that during the session.