We all know how important it is to have social proof for your practice, but sometimes convincing your client to take the time
to leave you a positive review can be difficult. Make it easier for yourself and create a customised link that you can share with clients to help make the process easier.
Once you have this, you could add it to your email signature or start sending out emails and SMS to clients requesting feedback and encouraging them to leave a review. Watch the video above and learn how to quickly and easily do this yourself or read on!

Find your Place ID

The first thing you need to do it work out what the place id is for your business, Google has this nifty little tool to
help you work out what that is.

Scroll down the page to the map and type in your business name, select it and you will find your place id

Create your custom link

Now that you have your place id, you need to add it to the link that Google has provided. So let’s build it
Copy and paste this line into your note pad or document https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=

Copy your place id that you found earlier paste it at the end of this line on your note pad
Your link should look like this but with your place id at the end

Create your hyperlink

Your new link should now be working, don’t forget to test it out! I find the best way to share this is to then
create a hyperlink for your clients.
Type out your email and create a line which could be something like “Click here to leave us a review”