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Here at Studio 56 we partner with growing healthcare practices to nurture and grow their client
base by providing effective marketing and sales strategies online.

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What we do

Healthcare SEO Services

Having a website without SEO is like having a car with no petrol, it may look great, but it’s not going to get you anywhere.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be one of your largest and more cost effective strategies for connecting with new clients. A well implemented SEO strategy will have you up the top of page 1 of Google for your primary and secondary keywords for your local suburbs.

With such an enormous volume of Google searches being health related, it’s incredibly important to target the the right type of search terms for your business so as not to waste your investment. Having specialised in Healthcare SEO for so many years we understand which search terms generate the most enquiries that also show up for their booking.


How Does SEO

For your website to be found on Google for the terms you need there are 2 very
important factors.

Onpage SEO

When someone does a search, Google are looking for websites that have good quality content that answers the question asked by the user. There are approx 200 different factors that come into play when Google crawls your website and one of the most important is that your website has plenty of good quality content that is relevant to what you do. This does not mean you need to create lot’s of blogs for your website, View our sample website to get a good idea of how we would normally create our client’s websites

Off page SEO

After Google has shortlisted websites to present to the searcher, they then present them in order how how much authority the website has. For this, Google is looking to see how many other websites have recommended you as a source of value and validates you as a legitimate business.
This is typically called “link building”, your SEO strategy needs to include reaching out and connecting with other websites within the healthcare niche which is exactly what we do for you to help increase your Google rankings.

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Why is SEO Important For You?

Your potential clients are searching the web every day for help and if you are not there, then your competition will be. It’s critical that you have a strategy in place to capture those potential clients who are searching for you business.

Our SEO strategies only target people who are ready to commit so we work for you to develop your primary and secondary keywords to include in your campaign. Primary keywords are search terms people use when searching for your particular type of service. For example “Counsellors Ringwood”.A person who searches for terms like this already know what they need and are just looking for the right person to help them Second keywords are terms people use when searching for help with a particular issue such as “Relationship counselling” or “Marriage Counselling”


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Finding “Ready to Call” Clients

There are many different marketing strategies out there and deciding which one to invest your money in can be difficult. Our research has clearly shown that the channels that deliver the fastest and highest Return on Investment are Google Ad’s, SEO & Google Maps. The people that we target are at the “Decision Stage” in the buyer’s journey, which means they are already educated about the problems they face and are looking to connect with the best person to help them.

We closely follow the AHPRA advertising guidelines to ensure that your advertising campaigns keep you compliant, whilst ensuring that you can connect with your future clients.

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