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The Challenge

This example is of a client in Melbourne who runs a very successful psychology practice in the suburbs of Melbourne and is preparing to expand to the business with 2 new locations.

For the last 2 years we have been working with this client to increase new client enquiries with the main focus being on local area marketing which includes SEO and Google Ad’s.

Below are real results from earlier this year and these are examples of our bespoke reporting portal that allows all of our clients to see exactly how their marketing channels are performing and calculate ROI.

30 Day Overview

Every Studio 56 client is setup with their own reporting portal and detailed tracking which details performance of the website and each marketing channel. We have implemented Dynamic call tracking and conversion tracking that allows us to easily see all the phone enquiries and web enquiries.

This is a typical month for this practice and here are some of the key metrics

  • Total of 147 enquiries from the website
  • Conversion rate of visitor to enquiry is 13.73%
  • Google Ad’s cost $803.76, which created 68 new enquiries
  • Cost per enquiry for Google Ad’s is $11.28
  • Total number of website visitors 1071


We can easily see performance of each marketing channel for this practice and the best performer is clearly the organic website visitors which consistently generates 70-80 enquiries per month and is the most cost effective marketing channel.

Many people misunderstand Google Ad’s and we can see hear how effective it can be. This month it has connected us with 61 people at a cost of $11 each, this means that if the practice only converted 50% of those enquiries into new bookings, that’s $22 per new client, and with an average client retention rate of 6 sessions, that’s $1080 of revenue.

The Solution

As a data driven marketing agency we rely heavily on measuring performance and understanding the impact it’s having on our clients business. This is just one example of a practice that has had incredible growth of the last 2 years and now that we have ways to connect with clients outside of the existing referral network, it allows for more growth and new locations.

This particular client is spending $2003 per month in total on marketing their practice and booking between 40-50 new clients each month. At a conservative price of $900 per client and 40 new clients, that’s $36,000 revenue at a cost of $2000. This is well over 10x return on investment.

Finding “Ready to Call” Clients

There are many different marketing strategies out there and deciding which one to invest your money in can be difficult. Our research has clearly shown that the channels that deliver the fastest and highest Return on Investment are Google Ad’s, SEO & Google Maps. The people that we target are at the “Decision Stage” in the buyer’s journey, which means they are already educated about the problems they face and are looking to connect with the best person to help them.

We closely follow the AHPRA advertising guidelines to ensure that your advertising campaigns keep you compliant, whilst ensuring that you can connect with your future clients.


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