The foundation of any marketing campaign is to have a professional website that clearly defines the solution you provide your clients. We design, build & maintain websites for Healthcare businesses all around Australia.

Here are Studio 56 we have two options for taking care of your website requirements:

Custom Built – We completely understand that one size doesn’t fit all and sometimes you really need to go through the process of creating a custom designed website and we can certainly help bring that dream to life. Over the years we’ve built hundreds of websites and have a very strong team of designers and developers to help you create the perfect website.

Pre-Designed – After working for years in the Healthcare industry we have a very good understanding of what our client’s need and what will achieve the best outcome. Because of this, we’ve created the winning template for a website that just needs to be populated with your own content, logo & colours. It’s a great alternative for many practice owners because it involves no upfront costs, little effort from yourself and we can be up and running in less than 4 weeks. If you would like to learn more about our pre-designed websites, please click here

Traffic Generation

There are many ways you can advertise your website and most of them we’ve tried over the years. We know that the most effective way to find more clients is through creating and maintaining referral networks, advertising with Google Adwords and Google Maps, and ensuring your website appears on the 1st page of Google for the words that your future clients are searching for.

The best converting marketing channels for your website are the ones that involve your new client being in a situation where they know they need help and they go to the internet to find the right person to help them.

As Google certified partners, and having worked with many healthcare practices over the years, we understand what works and what doesn’t and how to ensure you stay compliant with the stringent AHPRA advertising guidelines.  Don’t risk working with another advertiser that doesn’t understand your industry. You can trust that we have the experience and the skills to safely and effectively advertise your business online.

Lead Generation

After years of working in Healthcare, we know what it takes to convert the highest number of website visitors into genuine leads. We’re constantly working to improve the performance of our client’s websites by regularly conducting studies and split testing new concepts.

Our proven strategies are seeing most of our clients seeing a 10x return on their investment with website conversion rates reaching close to 30% when the industry average is less than 10%.

Some of the key performance indicators we work to improve for you include:

  • Website layout and sitemap (number of pages).
  • Changing the content style and colours.
  • Alternating different images of your team.
  • Delivering different action points on your website.


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