We know without a doubt that one of the most important pages on your website is the “our team” page which showcases your team profiles, are you investing the time to ensure they are properly optimised?

We did a recent study on 10 healthcare websites that we work with and found that the team pages was the most visited page on the website and a huge majority or visitors will navigate directly to the team page after visiting your website. If you missed that article, you can find it here.

So I bet you’re asking, what makes for a good converting team page? Here are my top tips for creating staff profiles that connects with more clients.


Write a detailed and consistent bio

Every practitioner needs to have a good bio written that is at least 200 words and covers both their professional career and some personal interests.

Start by writing your own profile to find the flow that works best for you then use that as a template for the rest of the team. You might like to try have sub headings in the bio or just break it down by paragraph

Here is a good example from Mitch Jordan from Psychologists Southern Sydney, follow this link


Image Quality

Investing the time and money into have professional photos taken of the team will definitely pay off in the long run. Even if you cannot afford to engage a professional photographer, modern phones today have terrific cameras, so just follow these simple steps and do it yourself.

A few things to remember:

  • Images shouldn’t just be of the face, but from the waste up.
  • It’s important to smile, but sometimes it’s best to try and keep your mouth closed.
  • Dress like you would at the practice, don’t go over the top with makeup and professional attire, keep it as natural as you can.
  • I prefer to have photos taken in the practice, perhaps sitting on a couch or just standing with your back to the wall.
  • Lighting is important, try to do it on a sunny day with the curtains open or bring in some lamps and point them at the walls away from the the person you are taking a photo of.
  • Keep all your photos consistent, use the same room, same size images, same distance away from the camera. 

When adding them to your website, keep in mind the team members at the top of the page will generally receive more requests. If you have new practitioners starting and you need to fill their calendar, move them to the top of the page.


Make it easy for visitors to see the entire team

There are many occasions when someone will call the practice and they have already make the decision on who they want to see, this can come back to something as simple as age and gender that the client is comfortable coming to see.

Make it easy for visitors to see the entire team without have to scroll down the entire page and create individual profile pages for each staff member. Here is an example of a well structure team pages that convert’s really well.


Beware of the advertising guidelines

Here is a paragraph from the AHPRA advertising guidelines that discusses the use of the term specialists. Please be mindful when using the term specialist and try not to make claims such as “specialises in relationship counselling” for example


While the National Law protects specific titles, use of some words (such as ‘specialises in’) may be misleading or deceptive as patients or clients can interpret the advertisements as implying that the practitioner is more skilled or has greater experience than is the case.

These words should be used with caution and need to be supported by fact. Words such as ‘substantial experience in’ or ‘working primarily in’ are less likely to be misunderstood as a reference to endorsement or specialist registration.

A registered health practitioner who does not hold an endorsement may not, through advertising or other means, present themselves to the public as holding such an endorsement (such as using professional titles that are associated with an approved area of practice endorsement).



Your team are your greatest assets so it’s worth investing the time to effectively promote them the potential clients who are visiting your website. We have listed some fundamental techniques above to help with this, but don’t forget to add your own style, you want to ensure that you reflect your brand as best you can.