We recently conducted a study on 10 healthcare practice websites to look at the pages that had the most visits and what we discovered.

I’m a number’s guy, and I’ll often refer to myself as a data driven marketer because so much of what we do is based on facts not assumptions, so one of the things I love most about internet marketing is that everything is measurable.

I’ve been speaking with a number of private practice owners recently about the importance of having a really impressive “Our team” page on their website. This is because we have seen statistics that show a direct link between high converting websites and excellent pages promoting the team.

So we decided to dive into the numbers for 10 different websites and see if we could share some of these insights with everyone else in the network

The Results


Based on the numbers above plus a recent study we did using Crazy Egg to measure visitor engagement we can easily see that after the home page, the most visited page is the OUR TEAM page on your website.

Another study we recently did on visitor engagement showed that 75% of visitors that come to your website, didn’t scroll down the page past the first block of text. Let’s imagine that most websites will have a banner, then under that there’ll be a block of text which talks about who you are, what you do and how you help.

75% of people don’t go any further than that before either leaving or going to another page on your website, and now we know that a huge percentage of them are going to your our team page, if you have one!

Let’s stop for a moment to think about the psychology behind this information, is makes total sense, when people visit your website they’re visiting because they’re about to part with their hard earned cash and give it to “someone” to help them. No matter your chosen field, be it psychology, podiatry, chiro, dentistry etc. People are trusting you with their most intimate secrets both physically and psychologically, so they want to feel comfortable about that experience.

As you grow your practice and move further away from client consultations, it’s important to spend the time to properly sell your team to prospective clients and help people CONNECT before they pickup the phone to make an appointment.

Here are a couple of suggestions to improve your page;

  • Use coloured images.
  • Take photos in the practice and be far enough away that you include most of the torso.
  • Clearly state the name, qualification, areas of speciality.
  • Have each team member write a bio in first person and include 2 personal references.

We’ve written another article here which goes into more detail about how you might choose to setup your our team page, images and writing bio’s.

What You Need To Do Today

Now that we know, for sure, without any doubt that the second most important page on your website is the “Our Team” page this is what you need to do.

  1. Make sure you have a page on your website that lists all your team members.
  2. Go take new photos of everyone (your phone is fine) and make sure that they are all consistent.
  3. Email everyone and ask them to create their own bio, this should be 200-300 words. You might want to create a template that you can send to each team member to complete with the questions you want to include so that it’s consistent.
  4. If you can, consider adding a section to your homepage that has your team available to view and learn more. This is also known as a carousel.


When it comes to the most important pages on your website, after the ‘Homepage’, the ‘Our Team’ page is second on the list and shouldn’t be ignored. By placing some time and effort into building an ‘Our Team’ page that showcases the team and clearly states their roles in your healthcare practice, you’ll have a higher chance of gaining the trust of new possible leads and future clients. Is your ‘Our Team’ page up to par?